Which type of guitar picks are the best?

Answer On One Hand: Flatten It OutFlat picks are most preferred by guitarists. Players who desire a brighter tone and emphasize speed in their playing will choose a thin flat pick. Choosing a thicker pick... Read More »

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How to Choose Guitar Picks?

Guitar Picks come in so many shapes, sizes, materials, and thickness (gauge) that sometimes it's difficult to know which ones to choose.

How to Make Guitar Picks out of a CD?

Have you ever needed new guitar picks but their too expensive? Here's a way to make your own easily!

How to Make Plastic Guitar Picks?

If you play the guitar, now you've got a nifty way to recycle all of those old ID cards and fake credit cards you get in the mail.

How to Bend Guitar Finger Picks?

Finger pick manufacturers offer picks of varying sizes to fit most fingers, but some players find it necessary to modify the picks to fit more comfortably and bend the playing edge to suit their pe... Read More »