Which type of ground makes a remote control car go fast?

Answer The fastest surface for a remote control car to run on is on pavement or cement that does not have a bunch of bumps or hills on it. The smoother the surface, the faster that it will run.Source:Ever... Read More »

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What type of wave does a remote control use?

There's a red button inside the remote's battery compartment and another one in the SD card slot on the console (right above the eject button and below the reset button). Push the 2 red buttons sim... Read More »

What type of radiation is used for remote control?

What makes a remote control work?

Infra-red light and usually two AA batterys

I am looking for a specific type of universal remote control...?

One for All remote. You can get it at walmart. Search the website to see if any look good to you and I believe you can see if they have codes for your DVD player and Tv.