Which type of flower will grow fast?

Answer A dandelion will grow the fastest out of all flower's.

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Can you name a song that mentions the word "Flower" or a type of flower in the title or lyrics?

Dead Flowers The Rolling Stones…Yusuf Islam ( Cat Stevens ) - All kinds of Roses…Neil Young-Love Is A Rose http... Read More »

What type of Flower is this?

Botanical name: Platycodon grandifloraCommon name: Balloon Flower.USDA Hardiness Zone: 3-8Exposure: Full SunIt's a moderate water user and needs good drainage. Very pretty perennial.For care instr... Read More »

Fast-Growing Flower Plants?

Many fast-growing plants will help you get your flower garden off to a quick start. Some flowers will bloom the first year the seeds are planted, which is instant gratification. When looking for fa... Read More »

What type of flower is an iris?

An iris is classified as a hardy perennial. This type of flower will revive after the winter and typically last for two seasons or longer. If planted from a seed, the flower will not bloom until it... Read More »