Which type of diabetes is more common?

Answer There are three types of diabetes: Type 1, type 2, and gestational. Each type affects the way the body processes blood sugar. Although each represents a serious health issue, type 2 diabetes is the... Read More »

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Is diabetes common in 17 year old guys; and which type?

I was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 17.Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder, and it usually develops in early puberty with the most common age for a guy to be diagnosed being 14, but i... Read More »

Gestational diabetes is more common in?

Your doctor will order oral glucose tolerance test or fasting blood sugar test.

How come diabetes is more common in the US?

Hate to tell you this, but it ain't just the U.S. Canada has exactly the same percentage (7%) as the U.S. Nearly 10% of India's population is diabetic.The reason is simple. Lousy diet and not enoug... Read More »

Which type of hair are more common ....straight hair,curly hair,wavy hair.?

Hi dear Sis..I guess, mostly have some natural waves on their hair..If not then, we need not put the best to blow and spray or wax them just to obtain the best straight flawless hair too. As many g... Read More »