Which type of chocolate melts faster?

Answer There are many different types of chocolates to cook with, from semisweet to white to dark. Milk and white chocolates are the most heat sensitive. White chocolate, however, melts the fastest, as it... Read More »

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Science Projects About Which Type of Chocolate Melts the Fastest?

A science project involving chocolate is an easy way to entice students into learning something scientific, especially if there's the possibility of eating some chocolate in the process. The meltin... Read More »

Does dry ice sublimate faster than ice melts?

Dry ice does sublimate faster than ice melts. The extremely cold temperature of dry ice, -109.3 degrees Fahrenheit, means it draws heat more rapidly from its surroundings than water ice. As dry ice... Read More »

Which chocolate melts the fastest?

Generally, the higher the fat content in a piece of chocolate, the faster it will melt. Milk chocolate has more fat than dark and will melt faster. White chocolate is not really chocolate because i... Read More »

Which Melts Faster Butter or Margirine?

I would say that margarine would because vegetable fat is liquid at room temperature and butter is solid at room temperature. The only question I have is: why is margarine solid at room temperature... Read More »