Which type of carpet fiber is the best?

Answer On One Hand: Go for the LookStaple fibers are used to produce upscale, lavish and luxuriously beautiful carpet textiles. These fibers are generated in short lengths then spun and bound in a similar... Read More »

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Are there any concerns with getting new carpet with new born infant regaurding the fiber?

What type of nutrient is dietary fiber?

Fiber is non-digestible by humans. It would not qualify as a nutrient because it provides no nutrition. It serves as a filler and as a (mechanical) stimulant to the digestive system.

What type of carpet is called beebop?

Beebop is not a type of carpet such as Berber or Plush are types of carpet. It sounds like the style name of a plush carpet.

What type of padding is best to put under Berber carpet?

AnswerCarpet Cushion or "padding" is just as important as the carpet itself. There are various different types of materials used in carpet cushion. Many years ago, natural fibres (horse hair etc) w... Read More »