Which type of cable uses a bnc connector?

Answer A BNC is a plug and socket used to connect coaxial cables, which consist of insulated wires wrapped in an aluminum or copper sheath and covered in plastic. BNCs are commonly used in video, audio an... Read More »

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Name of a cable connector that would be used if the cable was coaxial?

Can you use a dvi-d cable on a dvi-i connector?

Both DVI-D Single-Link and DVI-D Dual-Link cables will connect to a DVI-I interface. The reverse is not true, however. A DVI-I cable will not connect to a DVI-D interface because it has four extra ... Read More »

Quick cable connector question?

with mine the brown wires are to a single pin on the 6-pin connector (with one pin empty) but the yellow is the important one as it is the 12v wire.If your power supply is single rail, I would thin... Read More »

How many pins are in an IDE ribbon cable connector?

IDE ribbon cable connectors have 40 pins, and may have one or two wires for each pin for a total or 40 or 80 wires. High-speed IDE hard drives supporting 66, 100 or 133 MB/second transfer rates req... Read More »