Which type of boat requires a capacity plate according to federal law?

Answer According to Boating Basics Online, federal law states that a capacity plate must be displayed in sight of the helm or steering area on all motorized monohull boats that are less than 20 feet in le... Read More »

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What is the R83 Ranger boat gas tank capacity?

The fuel tank of a 2001 Ranger R83 carries 40 gallons of gasoline. The boat weighs 1,375 lbs. and it gets its power from an outboard 150-horsepower Mercury Optimax Rang... Read More »

How to Remove a Sugar Sand Jet Boat Ride Plate?

Sugar Sand is a company that manufactures high-powered jet boats. With the engines in the back of the boat, it is natural for the bow to lift upwards as the accelerator is engaged. This natural te... Read More »

What Type of Volcano Is Not Associated With a Plate Boundary?

The vast majority of volcanic activity occurs where tectonic plates collide, called convergent boundaries, or spread, called divergent boundaries. However, there is a special class of volcanoes tha... Read More »

What Type of Plate Boundary Makes New Crust?

Plate boundaries are where tectonic plates, which make up the Earth's crust, come into contact with each other. There are generally two types of boundaries. Old crust is destroyed in convergent bou... Read More »