Which is the best type of cycle?

Answer I would go mountain bike. They are much more reliable and you can basically do all three things on it.

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Which type of camera is best for...?

yes I think it's a good camera. maybe you should search more web sites in order to be very sure.there are a lot of web sites where you can compare products and see what features are the most fitabl... Read More »

Which is the best type of coffee?

Though it is largely personal preference of course, my favourite coffee drink is a straight up latte with a bit of sugar. A shot of espresso added to an almost full mug of frothed milk, and a spoon... Read More »

Which type of rice is the best?

There is no exact best, but Sticky Rice to me is the best.

Which type of guitar picks are the best?

On One Hand: Flatten It OutFlat picks are most preferred by guitarists. Players who desire a brighter tone and emphasize speed in their playing will choose a thin flat pick. Choosing a thicker pick... Read More »