Which type of animal can eat shrubs?

Answer Just about any type of animal can eat shrubs. Specifically, birds may eat the berries. Deer may feast on the blooms of flowering shrubs. Insects such as aphids may feed on the leaves. Other insects... Read More »

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Which type of animal was Robin Hood in the Disney cartoon film?

A fox portrayed the character Robin Hood in the 1973 Disney film of the same name. A bear, badger, lion, a dog and a vixen--among others--portrayed various different characters in the movie.Referen... Read More »

Does anyone know where to find Pet Sitter Animal Care type insurance for Horse farm animal care?

What are all the types of asthma and which type is the worst and most risky and which type is non-risky?

Answer There is mild asthma right through to severely uncontrolled asthma. Asthma comes in 5 stages. Stages 1-2 are controlled asthma and stage 4-5 are severe asthma needing extra preventitive trea... Read More »

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