Which type life insurance is for me?

Answer On One Hand: Term Life is Most Cost EffectiveTerm life insurance, insurance that covers you for a limited number of years with no payoff at the end of the term, gives the highest amount of coverage... Read More »

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Which type of insurance is the best for a family insurance and Child insurance in India?

you want to insure your life & want the child & family to be nominee.If this is the case, term insurance is best for you. please note here that term insurance is the basic low cost insurance withou... Read More »

What is the right type of life insurance?

On One Hand: Whole Life PoliciesWhole life policies charge higher premiums than term policies, but part of what you pay is invested for you. This creates a virtual savings account that you can borr... Read More »

What type of life insurance do you need, if any?

On One Hand: Whole Life InsuranceWhole life insurance policies accumulate a cash value. You pay your premium and the insurance company divides the money you send three ways. One portion of your pre... Read More »

What Type of Life Insurance Is Better?

Life insurance needs come in two varieties: Permanent and temporary. Permanent needs include such items as final expenses, funeral costs and liquidity to pay estate taxes. Temporary needs include c... Read More »