Which typa tea is good for kidneys?

Answer I think mint tea helps flush the kidneys out but thats only my personal experience.

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Is cranberry juice good for the kidneys?

On One Hand: On One Hand: Health BenefitsContaining fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants, cranberry juice has definite health benefits, including improving heart health and treating urinary tract infe... Read More »

My Kidneys are Not doing Well ...?

I have lupus with organ involvement (kidneys, heart, lungs, central nervous system) and am pretty much in remission. There is no cure. Follow your treatment plan. Talk with your rheumatologist and ... Read More »

Why do we have two kidneys when we only need one?

Same reason we have two testicles, when we only need the left :)

What causes your kidneys to ache?

There Can be several reason for the pain in the kidney.The main thing is the contamination ,so it may result in forming stones on ur kidney.some may feel the pain .try some natural therapies for ... Read More »