Which two girl names do you like best?

Answer Avery Kaylene is my favorite out of those three. ^^;Avery is just a very pretty name, it always reminds me of the sky. I always think the sky is pretty so that'd relate to the name. ^^;-Tim

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Which outfit do you like best/which girl looks prettiest?

Middle girl is pretty.Left girl's outfit is pretty

Which baby girl name do you like the best?

Elizabeth. It's pretty and classic. And I love the nickname Ellie.I could go into my dissection of the reasons why I don't like the others, but I'm sure you don't want to hear that. LolD! What are ... Read More »

I really like the name Marie for a middle name, which first names does it go best with?

What are you favorite boy and girl names (star if u like)?

Girls:RoseHaileyAmeliaClaraCharlotteBoys:MichaelMatthewBrianBenjaminJohnMini poll- Black Raspberry! lol, it sounds strange, but it tastes great!♥