Which tumblr url (if you answer, ill follow you)?

Answer palm-woodI deleted my Tumblr and making a new one but for now just sub my youtube If you know anything about Sony Vegas can you answer my newest questions?Than... Read More »

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Tumblr URLS i follow everyone back on tumblr who follows me!?

May you follow me on tumblr (I'll follow back)?

i'll fallow, just go to mine, fallow me & message me or something & i'll deffintly fallow back because you seem cool. i'm not annoying on there. but if you get a... Read More »

Follow for a follow on tumblr (:?

Tumblr follow for follow?

I'm Not A Black And White Blog But I Follow All Types :D Follow Me XDhttp://thatghettoswagyourboyfriendlikes.…