Which toothpaste do you use Be specific.?

Answer Pepsodent white paste

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Which brand of toothpaste do u use?

Colgate Blue Crystals one, God it's expensive but what can you do?My friend says Sensodyne is great for people who have just had braces put on!I used to get Aquafresh because of the groovy colours,... Read More »

Which toothpaste tastes the best?

Which toothpaste Crest vs. Colgate?

I use crest cavity protection and crest whitening with baking soda and peroxide. crest is a really good brand, but so is colgate. they both do the same thing, they clean your teeth and protect agai... Read More »

Which toothpaste do most 12-year-olds prefer?

Answer Colgate is one of the best toothpastes a 12 year-old would love to have. (I should know because I am a 12 year-old.) Answer Personally, I would choose CREST or COLGATE toothpaste.