Which tile cleaner cleans the best?

Answer On One Hand: Soap Scum Is Easy to RemoveSoap scum is the major cause of dirt buildup on tiles in a shower. Removing this film requires a cleanser that will loosen the dirt. Any cleaner with a vineg... Read More »

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What cleaner cleans window really good?

Has any body used a patio and stone Cleaner hat you just dilute and pore on a nd it cleans?

Yes it works. It is acid, so depending on how bad the problem is then the dilution varies. Also the length of time you leave it on without swilling it off can have an effect. ie if used on old red ... Read More »

What is the best cleaner for tile floors?

On One Hand: Water is the Best CleanerTile floors do not need expensive cleaners to be cleaned well. With daily sweeping and vacuuming, dirt and dust can be kept off the floor. Then gently mopping ... Read More »

What to use for a natural grout&tile cleaner?

On One Hand: Baking Soda Works WellBaking soda provides a strong scouring agent and can be used effectively to clean tile and grout.On the Other: Vinegar Can Break Down Tile GroutIf the stains are ... Read More »