Is a passport needed to fly state to state in the United States?

Answer A passport is required to enter the United States from a foreign country, regardless of whether you are an American citizen. Once you have entered the country, traveling from state to state require... Read More »

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What is the average area of us states?

Even if you were to take the total area of the US and divide it by 50 the answer would be very misleading. Here in Texas we have counties bigger than some states. And you could fit several if not a... Read More »

How many states have more land area than California?

As of the 2000 United States census, there were two states that had larger land areas than that of California, whose total land area is 163,696 square miles. These are Alaska, at 663,267 square mi... Read More »

Where is the baddest area to live in the United States?

memphis tennessee is the worst in america as far as crime and race goes. i lived there for 14 years and a lot of the people i know cary a gun for self defense everywhere they go. and the mayor is a... Read More »

If I fly anywhere in the United States will the TSA grab my private area?

This is very important. Once you enter the security checkpoint at an airport, you MUST go through security whether it be the metal detector, body scanner (which emmit a fraction of radiation you wo... Read More »