Which three countries grow peanuts?

Answer Peanuts are grown on five continents: Africa, Asia, Australia, and North and South America. The three leading producers of peanuts are China, India, and the United States. China and India produce m... Read More »

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Salted Peanuts or Unsalted Peanuts Which do you like better?

Definitely unsalted peanuts! Yum!Night, night Sir Squirrel Agent! Hugs.........

Which countries in the world broadcast CSI Miami and which TV-stations in those countries?

it comes out in America on 23rd September on CBS but dunno in the UK

How to Grow Peanuts for Oil?

The peanut is a perennial plant and part of the pea family. Unlike other types of nut, it grows in the ground and not on trees. The plant flowers above the ground and after it has done so the pod i... Read More »

Do peanuts grow?

Yes, they grow underground.