Which tendon is the conjoined tendon?

Answer A conjoined tendon also known as an inguinal falx, is the tendon formed from the transversus abdominis that is inserted into the crest and spine of the pecten pubis. The conjoined tendon forms the ... Read More »

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Ligament & Tendon Injuries?

When working out or playing sports, ligaments and tendons work in tandem, often under incredible amounts of strain or pressure. These are some of the most frequent parts of the body to be injured, ... Read More »

What is the achilles tendon?

The Achilles tendon is one of the body's most vital ligaments in day-to-day functioning. It is also one of the ligaments most at risk of injury.IdentificationThe Achilles tendon is a fibrous tissue... Read More »

Achilles tendon injury?

It sounds you might have had a partial tear of the Achilles tendon initially, and over the past 3+ months it has healed to some extent. The crackling is most likely due to scar tissue, from the hea... Read More »

Can a dog's tendon heal on its own?

On One Hand: Under 35 PoundsIf the dog with the tendon injury is under 35 pounds, surgical repairs may not be necessary. The dog should be kept quiet for a period of time that can be determined by ... Read More »