Which temperature is correct (Catalyst Control Centre)?

Answer If you have Vista/7 there's a gadget you can use to verify. Search for GPU observer. Chance is you'll get the same report but it's worth a try.You can also try Riva Tuner or other apps and see what... Read More »

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Minecraft, Catalyst Control Center, And Or Driver Problem?

Download the driver directly from the site, I had this issue yesterday while building a clients computer.

Does using catalyst control center mean we are running crossfire mode?

No, the Catalyst Control Center is simply the management tool for your AMD graphics card. It has nothing to do with having a CrossFire setup or not, as that is a hardware thing. You cannot setup Cr... Read More »

Which catalyst contains driver 8.291 for Radeon All-In-Wonder?

Catalyst version 4.07 contains the ATI Radeon All-In-Wonder 8.291 graphics card drivers. This driver is compatible with Windows 2000 and XP and was initially released in September of 2006.Reference... Read More »

Anyway to reset AMD vision control centre settings on 2 screens?

If you have Windows (something) then you might be able to do System Restore back to a point where it worked.If you don't, then ???? Without more information (OS, monitor models with desired optima... Read More »