Which television technology is better for eyes Plasma, LCD, LED or CRT.?

Answer What’s wrong with existing LCD TVs?Up until now, LCDs used fluorescent tubes to light the screen. As a result, LCDs have trouble creating deep blacks. That’s because fluorescent tubes are alway... Read More »

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LCD or plasma which is a better technology for televisions?

There is no right answer to this question. Each technology comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, each specific TV model has its own unique characteristics. General L... Read More »

LED TV vs. Plasma TV's, which one is better for your eyes when playing video games?

Never use a plasma TV solely to play games. Plasma TVs often leave permanent "images" of stuff you've seen before on the screen. like when you watch the news you might see a barely visible transpar... Read More »

What is better to own Plasma Television or LCD Television Why ?

Television: is Plasma better than LCD?

Plasma are great for dark rooms, they have the best color representation and black level of any micro display TV, they last for 100,000 hours, instantaneous response times, standard definition look... Read More »