Which television technology is better for eyes Plasma, LCD, LED or CRT.?

Answer What’s wrong with existing LCD TVs?Up until now, LCDs used fluorescent tubes to light the screen. As a result, LCDs have trouble creating deep blacks. That’s because fluorescent tubes are alway... Read More »

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What is the differnce b/w a 42'' LCD television and a 42" Plasma Television..?

HD Vs. Plasma Television?

Plasma TV and HDTV (high definition television) are two distinct, yet overlapping terms. Some, but not all plasma TVs are also HDTVs, which some, but not all high definition televisions use plasma... Read More »

LCD or Plasma television?

Plasma is better.Worse resolution? HA! please read on :)Try looking at You would want to look for plasma flat screen tv because the contrast ratio is a lot higher (about 10000:1 or... Read More »

What is better for a 37" television, LCD or Plasma?

This is easy, since nobody is making 37 inch plasmas at the moment, you don't have a choice.You have to go LCD. But I have to laugh at the fanboys that are trashing plasma. The best plasma TVs, con... Read More »