Which support group provides orientation to newcomers?

Answer yes because he is not that smart so needs glasses

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Which organization provides services to the af civil engineer for readiness training and automation support among others?

What cell structure provides support for plants?

In plants cells, the "primary cell wall," which contains much polysaccharide, is responsible for providing structure and support. By creating the structure, the primary cell walls also determines t... Read More »

Which website provides the facility of uploading the files which may be downloaded by others?

It's really not that difficult to Google this yourself, but here is a link to a whole heap of file hosting/cloud storage services so take your pick-…

My screen's orientation is sideways instead of top to bottom. How do I change it back to normal orientation?

Click and hold down both the ALT and CTRL keys at the same time, then use the "ARROW" keypad to rotate the screen.