Which stays colder longer: a plastic bottle or an aluminum can?

Answer The aluminum cools down quicker and stay colder longer than glass or plastic, according to CCL Container's vice president of sales and marketing, Ed Martin. Pittsburgh Brewing Company made history ... Read More »

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Which stays smudge free longer plastic lens, polycarbonate, or glass?

You won't notice a meaningful difference between them in terms of smudges.Polycarb is plastic. While some people hate on polycarb, in reality its refractive index is only a few percent lower than ... Read More »

What stays straight longer, short or long hair?

In my experience, long hair. I think the extra weight of it helps keep it straight.I got my hair cut to shoulder length and it got a lot thicker and curled very easily.

I put some hot water in a plastic bottle and my bottle shrank is there anyway that I could I shrink it?

What has happened is that your bottle has collapsed, because your putting hot liquid in it and then putting on a lid created a vacuum. This has been demonstrated millions of times in junior high sc... Read More »

If plastic water bottle lid melted badly onto dishwasher element would other plastics absorb toxins if present Concerned about toxicitycontamination of plastic baby bottles in washer at time?

You can, however, this may cause tarnishing of any exposed copper.