Which state is shaped like a meat cleaver?

Answer Oklahoma's long, thin, "panhandle" region, plus the squared-off silhouette of the Eastern portion of the state, makes it look like a meat cleaver to some observers. The state's southern border is t... Read More »

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How to Make a Meat Cleaver out of Wood for a Costume?

Making a meat cleaver will take about a half hour, so you need some time. We did this for Trick or Treating this year and it turned out fantastic. (You'll need a 1.5x1.5' piece of wood, silver meta... Read More »

Which country issued a postage stamp shaped like a banana?

Tonga issued a postage stamp shaped like a banana in 1969. The stamp pictured a banana and had an early self-adhesive gum that made the stamp difficult to soak and remove from paper, making it unpo... Read More »

Which you like best cornish pasties or meat and potato pies.?

Deer Froglegs Or Alligator Meat Which have u never tried but would like to one day?

i had gator meat beforei think it's better then chicken!