Which state is shaped like a meat cleaver?

Answer Oklahoma's long, thin, "panhandle" region, plus the squared-off silhouette of the Eastern portion of the state, makes it look like a meat cleaver to some observers. The state's southern border is t... Read More »

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How to Make a Meat Cleaver out of Wood for a Costume?

Making a meat cleaver will take about a half hour, so you need some time. We did this for Trick or Treating this year and it turned out fantastic. (You'll need a 1.5x1.5' piece of wood, silver meta... Read More »

If it's in our nature to eat meat, then why don't you eat meat in it's natural state?

That's exactly right, I praise this question!!!

Who is john cleaver?

He's like the fonz but way cooler

What was Beaver Cleaver's real first name?

On the 1950s and 1960s hit family show "Leave It To Beaver," Beaver Cleaver's real first name was Theodore. He acquired the nickname Beaver because his brother Wally couldn't pronounce Theodore.Ref... Read More »