Which state has found the most dinosaur fossils?

Answer More dinosaur fossils have been found in Wyoming and Montana than any other states. Each of those states has fossils from more than 50 types of dinosaurs known to have roamed North America. The two... Read More »

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Which museum has the most complete T-rex fossil?

“Sue,” a 67-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, is displayed at the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois. The museum claims this skeleton is “the largest, most complete and best preserv... Read More »

Which fossil fuel is used most to produce energy?

Liquid petroleum products provide most of the world's energy. Out of a total ~500 quadrillion Btu (British thermal units) used per year, petroleum provides about 40 percent of the energy. Coal prov... Read More »

How old is the oldest dinosaur fossil?

The BBC News website reports the oldest dinosaur fossils found to be between 235 million and 240 million years old. The two fossils, consisting of skulls and other bones, were found in the Rio Gran... Read More »

How to Make a Dinosaur Fossil at Home?

Small prehistoric creatures such as the archaeopteryx resemble their modern descendants. You can create a realistic fossil by rearranging modern bones into prehistoric shapes and embedding them in ... Read More »