Which state has the highest income tax?

Answer According to a June 2009 Forbes article, Hawaii imposes the highest tax rate at 11 percent for couples making $400,000 or more. California ranks second, with a top rate of 10.55 percent for couples... Read More »

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What state has the highest income tax?

As of 2010, Hawaii and Oregon have the highest state income tax rates, peaking at 11 percent. New York has the highest overall rate when local taxes are included, with a combined rate of 12.62 perc... Read More »

Which country has the highest income tax rate?

Belgium, France, Germany and Hungary have some of the world's highest income tax rates, with some residents paying more than 50 percent of their income to the government. However, income taxes can ... Read More »

Which tax provides the federal government the highest percentage of income?

Much of the federal government's revenue comes from taxation. Since 1950, individual income taxes have provided the largest source of income for the federal government. The Tax Policy Center report... Read More »

Which state has the highest gasoline tax?

As of April 2010, California has the highest gasoline taxes at $0.61 per gallon, of which $0.184 per gallon is a federal tax that applies to all states. California also has the highest diesel tax r... Read More »