Which state has more land area: New York or Texas?

Answer Compared to New York, Texas has more land area and is the second largest state behind Alaska. Texas is composed of 268,601 total square miles, with 6,687 square miles containing water. New York is ... Read More »

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Which state has more land area, Iowa or New Hampshire?

Iowa has more land area than New Hampshire. Iowa's total area is 56,275 square miles, 55,965 of which is land. The state is 25th in overall size. New Hampshire is 9,279 square miles, 8,993 of which... Read More »

Which state has more land area: Idaho or Ohio?

With an area of 82,747 square miles, Idaho has more land area than Ohio, according to Ohio's land area is 40,948 square miles, less than half of Idaho's. Idaho ranks 11th in land ar... Read More »

What state has more land area, idaho or maine?

According to data collected by the United States Census Bureau in the year 2000, the land area of Idaho is 82,747 square miles. Maine is significantly smaller in land area with 30,861 square miles.... Read More »

Which Colleges Offer Land Surveying in New York State?

Land surveyors measure the earth, develop maps of remote areas in order to provide access to them and help with the planning of cities, subdivisions, transportation systems and recreational facilit... Read More »