Which state consumes the most alcohol?

Answer Texas

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Which state consumes the most potato chips?

According to, the states of New Mexico and Virginia consume the most potato chips. Based on an investigation by Wal-Mart in 2008, residents in these two states eat more potato chips th... Read More »

What country consumes the most wine per capita?

France consumes the most wine per capita than any other country, although this number has been decreasing for a number of years. In 1996, French citizens drank 60 liters per person though only 54 l... Read More »

Which consumes the most water in the average home?

Showers/baths and clothes washing machines consume 75% of residential water

What happens if a female consumes 5 500gm tynenol with a coke?

well i am a surgeon and was a doctor for twenty seven years. From my studies it maybe be that the vagina hasen't been cleaned as often as need be,if the discharge is thick then you may have a bad y... Read More »