Which spices can i not get into my eyes?

Answer Um all of them lol

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Which herbs and spices should I put into Quorn spaghetti bolognaise?

Use oregano and a little basil [basil is quite strong so don't use too much].lf you are using dried herbs l would say half a teaspoon of oregano and a quarter teaspoon of basil [that's for about 2 ... Read More »

Can I bring spices or food into Belize customs?

Travelers entering Belize are allowed to bring spices and food. However, Belize customs requires travelers to declare the items. According to customs, travelers must declare ammunition and arms, me... Read More »

Which spices are used for pickling?

bay leavesalum *coriander *cumin *cloves *fennel *dried hot peppers *mustard *peppercornsRoasted Fenugreek seeds powder also

Which do you consider queen of spices .......?

A queen can be for a province only and not Universal.Red pepper is queen of spicy Brinjal GravyBlack pepper is queen of Rasam ( South Indian Favourite dish.)Turmeric is queen of Lemon Rice.Corriend... Read More »