Which solar pool covers work best?

Answer On One Hand: Clear Solar CoverA solar cover with a clear finish will allow the most heat energy through to your pool water. Pools with transparent covers will heat up faster.On the Other: Opaque So... Read More »

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How to Determine Which Pool Algaecide and Pool Clarifier Is Best for Your Swimming Pool?

Most pool supply distributors offer an astounding selection of algaecides and clarifiers for your swimming pool, and if you do not understand how they work, or what their uses are, it can be diffic... Read More »

How do solar pool heaters work?

A heated pool can extend the swimming season from early spring well into late fall. However, it's expensive to heat a pool. Utilizing free energy from the sun to heat pool water is a very economica... Read More »

Which is more efficient: a 16 mil or 12 mil solar pool cover?

Both 16 mil and 12 mil solar pool covers have their advantages. A 16 mil solar cover retains heat in colder climates and is also more durable than a 12 mil cover. On the other hand, a 12 mil cover ... Read More »

UK tomtom sat nav that covers Europe - which is best!?

they all include the avoid motorway function, it can be turned on/off in the menu. when turned on it will ask you if you want to take thefastest routeshortest routeavoid motorwaysbiking routeswalki... Read More »