Which soda's better Moutain Dew or Dr.Pepper?

Answer I like both and it depends on the mood I'm in

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Is it better to drink two beers or two sodas?

Soda has more sugar and more calories. Nutritionally, beer is better for you. Your best bet is water. Juice, vitimin water, and milk are good options, too. If you drink tap water you'll definitely ... Read More »

Do sugar-free or diet sodas have the same effect on teeth that regular sodas do?

The lack of sugar means they will not cause decay, but they tend to be more acidic. The acid can cause erosion if consumed too frequently. Basically, they are both as bad, and should be consumed in... Read More »

Are some sodas better than others on your kidneys?


Science Projects on Which Sodas Have More Fizz?

Sodas are a near ubiquitous soft drink, found in virtually every grocery store, gas station and vending machine in the U.S. Sodas come in a variety of flavors and colors, and generally vary in the ... Read More »