Which size memory card is needed for a Canon XSi?

Answer The Canon XSi is a digital SLR (DSLR) camera. It saves pictures onto a secure digital (SD) or secure digital high capacity (SDHC) memory card. The camera takes pictures at a high 12.2-megapixel res... Read More »

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What size memory card would be best for your canon rebel xsi?

noting above a 8gb because these memory cards will and i mean WILL malfunction and if you have a large memcard with allot of pictures on it you could lose all of the pictures on the camera

What size memory card works for the canon pc1080 digital camera?

From a mathematical standpoint, such a question cannot have one answer since there are two missing variables; height and width, thus many combinations are possible. However, given that the ratio i... Read More »

Hi your memory card has been locked unfortunately how to unlock your memory card in canon digital cam?

You have it set wrong. You can change the shutter speed in the menu

Hi i have 8GB sdhc sandisk memory card when i inserted in my canon camera its said card error card locked ichecked on the side it was fine when i insert in my PC it reads can you pls help?

Maybe. Take it into a camera shop and ask them to do a card recovery. Sometimes they can retrieve the images. Another way is to use photo recovery software. One I used before is Asoftech Photo Rec... Read More »