Which site is visited the most google or yahoo?

Answer According to which is pretty much a counter which tells which sites are the most popular the top 5 are as follows:1. Yahoo.com2. msn.com3. google.com4. youtube.com5. (formely o... Read More »

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Which site do you find better overall Yahoo or google?

Personally I don't like either that much (prefer either or for search engine facilities, Lycos for email), but like google the least - everything they produce seems just... Read More »

What site is a better for searching things Google or Yahoo?

Yahoo is better for searching images.Google is better for searching everything else.

When I do a Yahoo or Google search, the results link I click on sends me to an adult site - why?

There are settings to disable it. On the google home page next to the input bar there is a button called preferences were you can change what shows up in search and disable adult sites, there shoul... Read More »

How Can I See Who Has Visited My Site?

If you want to learn more about who is visiting your website you need to use a Web analytics tool to evaluate your visitor statistics. One of the most well known free web analytics tool is "Google ... Read More »