Which site is better Myspace or Facebook?

Answer There is no competition....MYSPACE!!I have, myspace, bebo and facebookand Myspace is the one i visit everyday..along with Y!A Ofcourse!!xx

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Which site is better (bebo, myspace, facebook, ...)?

Myspace is full of spam and fake people, and even if you do get real people as friends, most of the time there profile gets hacked and fake bulletins and comments are left on your page, not worth i... Read More »

Whats a better site myspace or facebook?

Myspace is better. I find facebook VVVVVEEEEERRRRRRYYYYYYY confusing. And there's more activities and stuff on Myspace.

Facebook or Myspace Which is better?

Myspace !Its easier and fun how you get to decorate your profile.And it has everything facebook has but more (:

Which is better...Facebook or Myspace?

1 - It's all personal preference, really.#2 - Facebook is safer in my opinion. Myspace is mostly filled with preteens and young teens, perfect for pedophiles. Facebook used to be exclusively for co... Read More »