For which team did Reggie Jackson hit the most home runs?

Answer Reggie Jackson hit the most home runs for the Oakland Athletics. He hit 268 out of his 563 career home runs with the team. Jackson also hit 144 home runs for the New York Yankees.References:ESPN: R... Read More »

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Appendix which side is it on and what side does the pain start on?

Your appendix is in what they call the lower right quadrant, which is about half way between your belly button and your pubic bone, and 4-8 inches (depending on your weight) to the right. The pain... Read More »

Which team are u on Edward, Jacob, or team anti-twilight?

Well gee, the name I go by includes "Van Helsing", so I would say that makes me RABIDLY AGAINST THAT EVIL SATANIC JOKE THAT SOME WORTHLESS ****** WHORES MIGHT CALL LITERATURE!!! I AM ANTI-TWILIGHT ... Read More »

How many footballs does the home team have to provide the refs in the NFL?

The home team in the NFL provides 36 balls for an outdoor game and 24 for an indoor game and presents them to the referee two hours prior to the start of the match. There are 12 balls marked with t... Read More »

Which national team does Samuel Eto'o play for?

Forward Samuel Eto'o plays for the Cameroon National Team in international events and competitions. Eto'o, who in 2009-10 played for Inter Milan in the Italian Serie A soccer league, was a member o... Read More »