Which side of a magnet is positively charged: the north or south pole?

Answer Just like the Earth's North Pole, the portion of the magnet pointing north is positively charged. The magnet's force flows from the north pole of the magnet back to the south pole. This same force ... Read More »

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Is the South Pole of a magnet negatively charged?

A magnet does not hold a positive or negative charge unless in motion. A bar magnet will flow magnetism from the North Pole out of the bar to the South Pole. The magnetism will return north within ... Read More »

Does the north pole of a magnet repel or attract?

The north or north-seeking pole of a magnet attracts metallic elements such as iron, cobalt, nickel, and their alloys. It also attracts the opposite pole--the south or south-seeking pole--of anothe... Read More »

What part of an atom is positively charged?

Protons are the positively charged parts of atoms. The number of protons in an atom is the same as its atomic number. The other two parts of an atom are electrons, which have a negative charge, and... Read More »

What is a positively charged center of an atom?

The positively charged center of an atom is a proton. Neutrons, which have no charge, also are found in the nucleus of all atoms except hydrogen. The protons and neutrons contain most of an element... Read More »