Which side of a boat is port side?

Answer When standing on a boat looking forward, the left side of the vessel is known as the "port" side, and the right is known as the "starboard" side. The purpose of this is to eliminate any confusion t... Read More »

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Can those who always sleep on the right side or left side of the bed be comfortable sleeping on either side?

Usually on my left side, hugging a full length body pillow..I once read somewhere that men are more likely to hug a pillow during sleep. (what ever that means)..But I guess I'm one of them..((Cammi))

Which side is the port and starboard?

The left side of a boat or ship is called the port side while the right side is known as the starboard side. One easy way to keep this straight is to remember that "left" and "port" both have four... Read More »

Which side of a ship is port?

According to Cruise Mates, the port side of a ship is the left side when you are facing the front of the ship. It is suggested that an easy way to remember this is that the words "port" and "left" ... Read More »