Which side is starboard?

Answer The word "starboard" stems from the Old English term "steorboard," or side rudder. The rudders were placed on the right-hand side of the ship to aid in steering. Starboard thus refers to the right-... Read More »

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Which side of a boat is starboard?

When you face the front, or bow, of a ship, starboard is on your right side. Opposite of starboard is port, which is to your left when facing the same direction. The rear end of a ship is called th... Read More »

Which side is the port and starboard?

The left side of a boat or ship is called the port side while the right side is known as the starboard side. One easy way to keep this straight is to remember that "left" and "port" both have four... Read More »

What side of a ship is starboard?

Starboard is the right side of a ship and port the left as you face the front, called the bow. An easy way to remember this is that both port and left have the same number of letters.Source:Sailing... Read More »

Which side is your hot tap on The right or left side of the sink or bath?

your hot tap should always be on the left ,so if a blind person comes in your house they don't scald themselves i am a plumber and recently worked in an infants school and the taps were all the wro... Read More »