Which side are you on Yahoo or google?

Answer Google will never lose. It's not possible to take them down. Their better then Yahoo in every single way, except for the mail.. Yahoo search sucks, how many people do you hear say "Yahoo it"... ... Read More »

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Yahoo vs google which side are u on?

Google all the way. Google as a verb is in the dictionary (see Source!), but you never hear anyone anyone say, "Ooh, we better Yahoo that."

How many people use google instead of yahoo even though you have a yahoo answers account?

Because google actually has a much better search engine, corrects your spelling etc., and offers a wider variety than the yahoo search, plus this is supposed to be silly and fun and not for the laz... Read More »

Yahoo better than google i think yahoo search engine is far better?

Google search engine is technically far efficient and more thorough!Also try iGoogle beats Yahoo hands down.

Does Google have any Google/Answer like Yahoo does?

Google Answers succumbed because of its stupid business model.In theory, answers would come from experts, and as such it would be on a higher level than this addictive mayhem full of yahoos.In prac... Read More »