Which shoes have more swag?

Answer toms look better for a girl than vans in my opinion so toms .....

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Poll for ladies,,,how many shirts and shoes do you have and do you mind if your guy has more clothes than you?

Uhm, I have like 10 shoes and like 30 shirts lol and no I don't mindHelp me???…

Which movies have you watched more than twice, and which do you never tire of watching again :)?

Gattaca, the Alien movies, the Predator movies, the Matrix movies, the Spiderman movies, The Usual Suspects, Heat, and many more movies.

POLL: Which shoes would you rather have to wear for a day?

the first ones cuz i might have a chance of not falling and busting my A$$

Which Is Better for Track: Spike Shoes or Running Shoes?

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