Which ship was nicknamed"Old Ironsides"?

Answer "Old Ironsides" is the nickname of the USS Constitution, the United States' oldest commissioned ship. Constitution earned her nickname during the War of 1812, when a shot from the British frigate G... Read More »

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Which ship was called"Old Ironsides"?

The USS Constitution, one of the original six frigates commissioned, was nicknamed "Old Ironsides" because cannon balls didn't penetrate its sides. The nickname was conferred after a battle with th... Read More »

Why did the uss Constitution nickname the ship old ironsides?

Because cannonballs would bounce off the hull, if I remember 8th grade history correctly. But don't quote me on that.

Where is the old ironsides in the the uss?

What was Old Ironsides in the the USS?

Old Ironsides is the USS Constitution She is the oldest commissioned ship in the US Navy Fleet. She got the name "Old Ironsides" from the British when they saw that their cannon balls bounce off he... Read More »