Which seven-passenger SUV has the best gas mileage?

Answer On One Hand: The 2010 Ford Escape HybridThe 2010 Ford Escape Hybrid can seat seven passengers, and according to Fuel Economy, can also get 435 miles per tank of gas. The annual fuel cost is also es... Read More »

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You are assisting a passenger with chick-in and she request a low sodium meal What options can you provide the passenger?

Sergeant Majors typically supervise sections within large units or are the chief NCO of Battalion level units or higher.

If a passenger in an auto accident owns a car but doesn't have PIP does the driver's PIP pay damages to the passenger?

Answer The driver or owner will be responsible for the passenger's injuries. The passenger's PIP or medical insurance MAY pay the expenses if the responsible party is not insured, but will sue to... Read More »

Motorcycle passenger age?

This is going to vary from state to state.In Mississippi, you can get your motorcycle license when you are 15.Some states don't require you to have a separate license to ride a motorcycle other tha... Read More »

How much air should you put in a passenger car tire?

The recommended tire pressure for most passenger car tires is between 30 and 32 lbs. per square inch. Keeping your tires inflated to the proper level could improve your gas mileage by up to 3 perce... Read More »