Which settings on my camera will give me the highest resolution picture?

Answer i guess it all depends on how big you want your print to be...i would say 3 megapixels should be enough, but you can always do the highest possible, and depends what you are taking pictures of....i... Read More »

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How important is Megapixels and or Resolution in camera / picture quality?

Megapixels only refer to picture size. It has nothing to do with picture quality. That number printed on the side of the camera is pure marketing strategy only.Those who work with lots of details a... Read More »

Resolution isn't showing up anymore in settings.?

try updating your graphics card. youll have to go to the manufacturers website (dell, hp, or wherever you got it) and find your laptop and download the graphics card drivers. once you do that go ah... Read More »

What is the Original video resolution settings on Youtube?

Hello!The Original video resolution settings on YouTube means that the user uploaded a video that was above 1080P which is Full HD. Original is above the 1080P resolution which is 1920x1080. So 216... Read More »

How do i change the resolution settings on my PS3 from HDMI to AV cable?

Power off your PS3 from behind, then power it back on, wait about 20 seconds then hold down the reset button untill it turns off. Then power it back on using the button in the front, this will rese... Read More »