Which set of tees on the tee box should you use?

Answer On One Hand: Use Appropriate Tee for Your Skill LevelMost golf courses have three sets of tees in each tee box; a forward set for beginners, a middle set for average players and a back set for prof... Read More »

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Can you soak golf tees?

Soaking golf tees for a long time is not recommended. If the tees are made of wood, the water will seep into the pores and warp or rot them. While plastic tees are more suitable for soaking, a bett... Read More »

How to Make Vintage Tees?

Shopping in a second-hand store for vintage tee shirts leaves your options up to fate and shirts from boutiques come with high prices. Creating your own vintage-style tee lets you choose the exact ... Read More »

How is diabetes pronounced Dia-bee-TEES or Dia-bee-TIS?…Click on the little speakers to hear the pronounciations.Generally, both are acceptable but Dia-bee-TEES (dI-&-'bE-tEz) is the most used.

How to Pick Out Graphic Tees?

There are so many graphic T-shirts available that it can seem impossible to narrow your search down and find just the right one. However, all you need is a little forethought, attention to detail a... Read More »