Which revlon lip butter(red)is for cool skin tones?

Answer Red lipstick with a blue undertone is best for cool skin tones, I think cherry tart would be the better choice

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Really confused about warm tones vs cool tones. What's my tone?

I am a makeup artist and this is some colors and some info hope that helps:Warm colors are based on yellows, oranges, browns, yellowish greens, orangish reds, and the like.Cool colors are based on ... Read More »

Which benetint is best for dark skin tones?

you should not waste your money on benetint. it was a great product MANY years ago, when you really could not find much, like it, on the market. now, there are so many companies making lip/cheek st... Read More »

Which Shades of Red Lipstick Work Best on Pale Skin Tones?

Finding the right shade of red lipstick can be tricky, because some red lipsticks can be too strong for a woman's pale skin, making it look washed out. The trick to finding the right shade of red l... Read More »

How do you apply revlon colorstay liquid foundation for combination/oily skin?

The flat top elf brush is what i usw :p its a tricky foundation to blend. I usually apply it with the foundation brush but do it in sections then blens and buff everything in with the flat top brus... Read More »