Which remote address should your expressvu 5200 be on?

Answer To get the rated capacity, limit the discharge rate to 0.25C

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How do you change the remote control address on a replacement remote for a Bell Expressvu 4500 receiver?

Changing Remote Address Dish Network satellite receivers can be programmed to operate on different remote control addresses. Switching to a different address is necessary if you have 2 satellite re... Read More »

How do I change the Bell expressvu 6100 remote address.?

Do you have a universal remote with a cable company i.e. comcast? If so, reprogram the universal remote and the tv remote should work as well. You can find the listing of codes for all manufactors ... Read More »

How do you change the remote address on the expressvu 5900 receiver?

You hold sat button on the remote until it flashes, then press the number you want on the keypad followed by the # sign and record button.Where do I find the "then press the number" from?

How do you change remote address on the Bell Expressvu 3100 receiver?

Here's what I found.... Haven't tried it yet, but the guy said this was straight from the manual for the 3100 Make sure to goto the system info screen before changing your 3100 remote address. Pr... Read More »