Which religion(s) are against vaccines?

Answer Note that Lighty is wrong.Almost all Muslim spiritual leaders recognize the benefits of vaccine and are willing to overlook anything that might not meed their dietary restrictions.Likewise, the Cat... Read More »

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Why don't vaccines protect against all viral diseases?

they don't protect against all viral diseases because unfortunately some diseases have an immunity to vaccines

Which are the diseases for which vaccines are not discovered?

Currently, all vaccines on the market today only exist for diseases caused by viruses- though not all diseases caused by viruses have a corresponding vaccine. Notably, the common cold (rhinoviruses... Read More »

Which of these religions nationalities was not mentioned in Phantom Traveler as having concepts of demons and demonic possessions in Supernatural?

Which vaccines are contraindicated in pregnancy?

yer just stick it up your vagina and hope it don't kill your best bits