Which region of the insect's body is specialized for movement?

Answer Wings and legs all connect to the thorax.

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Which region of the insects body is specialized for movement and explain why?

The thorax because the 2 pairs of walking legs, 1 pair of jumping leg, the fore wing, and the hind wing are attached to that region.

Which specialized vascular tissue carries plant food?

Phloem is the specialized vascular tissue that carries plant food. Through the process of photosynthesis, the green plant produces carbohydrates for food energy. The plant's vascular tissue, phloem... Read More »

Body Parts of Insects for Kids?

A large number of creatures fall into the "Insecta" class of the animal kingdom. We commonly call them "insects." That means that even though many insects may look different they all share characte... Read More »

How many body parts do insects have?

Insect bodies have three parts: the head, thorax and abdomen, according to Hein Bijlmakers. The head is connected to the thorax, which leads to the stomach. Insects are classified as arthropods a... Read More »