Which region of the atmosphere is farthest from the Earth?

Answer The exosphere is the region of the atmosphere that is farthest from the Earth. The exosphere extends from 400 miles to about 800 miles above the planet. Outer space begins where the exosphere ends.... Read More »

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What space mission has traveled the farthest from earth?

That would have to be the Voyager Project. It left the Solar System some years ago and it's still going strong.

How far is the Earth from the atmosphere?

The distance between the surface and the top of the thermosphere, the upper limit of the atmosphere, measures about 372 miles. However, the distance to the troposphere, the densest part, measures o... Read More »

Which layer of the atmosphere is closest to the surface of the Earth where weather occurs?

Almost all weather happens within the troposphere. Located nearest the Earth's surface, the troposphere reaches four to 12 miles above sea level. The ground and ocean provide heat for this layer of... Read More »

How high does the atmosphere extend from the Earth?

The Earth’s atmosphere consists of a protective covering of various gases, densest at the surface and thinning out as it extends outward toward space. Therefore, its limit is not strictly delinea... Read More »