Which region of the atmosphere is farthest from the Earth?

Answer The exosphere is the region of the atmosphere that is farthest from the Earth. The exosphere extends from 400 miles to about 800 miles above the planet. Outer space begins where the exosphere ends.... Read More »

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What region extends six miles down into the Earth's crust and six miles up into the atmosphere?

No single reqion encompasses the area six miles above and six miles below the Earth's crust. Earth's outer-crust layer extends up to 51 miles below the planet's surface. The troposphere, a layer of... Read More »

What space mission has traveled the farthest from earth?

That would have to be the Voyager Project. It left the Solar System some years ago and it's still going strong.

What is the farthest point south on the Earth's surface?

The South Pole at latitude 90 degrees South is the farthest point south on the Earth's surface. Lines of latitude measure distances north or south of the Equator, which is defined as latitude 0 deg... Read More »

What is in Earth's atmosphere?

Different elements are in the atmosphere. The atmosphere has Nitrogen, Oxygen and other gases such as Argon and Carbon Dioxide. The ozone layer and the clouds can also be found in the Earth's atmos... Read More »