Which region of Ancient Egypt was the easiest to invade?

Answer Because Ancient Egypt was essentially a long, narrow strip of rich river land deep within the desert, it was nearly impossible to invade it except from the mouth or source of the Nile. The wide, fl... Read More »

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When did ancient Egypt end?

The final centuries of ancient Egyptian civilization saw several foreign rulers, including the Persians and the Macedonians. Then, the Roman Empire annexed Egypt in 30 A.D., permanently ending inde... Read More »

Where was ancient Egypt?

The pyramids and other archaeological ruins of ancient Egypt lie within the borders of the modern day nation of Egypt in the northeastern corner of Africa. Ancient Egyptian civilization developed ... Read More »

What Were Men's Roles in Ancient Egypt?

To a modern person, ancient Egyptian culture, with its pyramids and mummies, might seem quite indecipherable, but modern scholars have been uncovering hints of daily life, and gender roles, for cen... Read More »

What did scribes do in ancient Egypt?

The ancient Egyptian position of scribe was an administrative one that had a range of job options. A scribe might have managed such things as records, accounts and estates, or written up contracts,... Read More »